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OpisBreakPoint d.o.o. is a company led by a team of experience IT professionals who share their knowledge and expertise through education and active involvement in team projects. Our work is based on innovation, creativity and the freedom of expression through friendship, team spirit and a lot of effort and dedication, as the main contributors of the company’s success and client satisfaction.
As a company, we’re trying to maintain a unique approach to each problem, providing you with excellent and professional IT services that we have gained through many projects.
Our team is offering you a high expertise which is precisely and professionally reflected through many years of education in the IT field. We are guided by the ideology that each client deserves time and attention, because this is the best way to achieve mutual satisfaction and to meet the clients’ needs.
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IKT i telekomunikacije

    Intelektualne usluge (inženjering, projektiranje, konzalting)

      Obrazovanje i stručna literatura


        Software development

        We provide services for development and maintenance of software solutions customized to your needs. Software quality is guaranteed by experts who through their commitment, motivation and ideas provide the best solutions for you. Innovation and use of modern technologies will certainly provide new opportunities, facilitate daily business activities, and reduce the cost of doing business, and thus make you more competitive on the market.

        Design and implementation of your business solutions is realized through planing and information gathering, requirements analysis, system design, system development, system testing, system evaluation.

        In addition, we offer you detailed and, if necessary, multilingual, user instructions, training for future users, and our continuous support.

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        IT systems and networks

        We are successful in the field of design, implementation and maintenance of network information systems, using the latest technologies in the network field today. We offer our clients a large range of online services by networking small objects and large business environments. We also carry out monitoring and maintenance of network systems, as well as acting timely on errors that occur on the system. Our team is highly qualified in the remote maintenance of IT systems and networks, reducing the time required in responding to a system error.

        Our company offers the development of technical documentation of the existing system and advising on selecting the appropriate network solutions for your company or a particular business. Also, we do cabling and full implementation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities and telecommunications racks.

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        IT consulting

        Our team with years of experience will help you make the most of information technology in order to achieve business goals. Together, we will define your needs, find the best solutions and plan the future development of the system. Whether you own information systems or want to improve existing, please contact us for assistance. Get to know how to choose the right technology solution, reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness in the market.

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        IT education

        Our experienced instructors will make sure that you adopt the necessary knowledge in the field of information technologies through various forms of education. Presentation of the basic theoretical principles with practical examples and use of modern tools and technology will contribute to your overall knowledge and understanding of the importance of the use of IT in everyday life. Services we offer under this category include the classical forms of training and seminars, as well as training and seminars on a wide range of topics in computer science.

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