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Abruzzo4Med is an association aiming to promote the establishment and business development of SMEs and business network, their internationalization processes and their access to economic development projects, aiming at the continued inclusion of companies in the association. In particular, the association aims to: to promote the knowledge of business networks, the use of this tool and the potential and advantages that result from it; to provides support to members from the point of view of consulting services, assistance, mentoring, training for their growth; to protect the interests of members, also assuming the representation in relations with public authorities, public and private bodies and trade unions, both in Italy and abroad; to provide assistance and advice to members in any matter related to their interests in the category; establish, with the collaboration of the associates, services and offices in Italy and abroad that can carry out studies, surveys and market surveys; promote with appropriate actions the legislative, corporate and fiscal changes necessary to enhance the growth and development of business networks; promote systemic actions, intended in the sense of fostering synergies between the associates for the creation of products or services that have a high entrepreneurial value; establish centers and secondary offices in which to achieve the corporate purpose; to favour the connections between the enterprises of different countries, creating an environment in which knowledge and experiences formed in various territories can be transferred and to contribute to giving greater visibility to the single national associations towards the local "policy makers"; to spread to the public an adequate knowledge of the specific identity of enterprises, in particular of business networks and of what they represent in the modern society, for their importance as an essential structure for the formation of wealth and the promotion of employment, and for their role in the economic development of the Country, highlighting also its economic and social function; to organize and promote cultural events of a popular nature to make the association known, conferences, conferences, round tables, meetings and any other event designed to achieve the institutional aims, both in public and private environments, both indoors and outdoors, in schools and public and private bodies; to provide for the edition and dissemination of magazines, brochures, handbooks, vademecums and any publication related to the activities of the association; to exercise all those other functions that may be delegated to the association by virtue of regulations and provisions of the competent authorities or by resolution of the association. In order to achieve its aims, the association may carry out, in a complementary way, commercial, movable and real estate, banking and financial operations (including the assumption of co-interests and shareholdings), which are in any case related to the purposes indicated above and which the Board of Directors considers useful for the pursuit of the same purposes.

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            The association aims to promote entrepreneurial development, above all by supporting economic development projects, internationalization, in addition to the pursuit, creation and development of business networks, basing their growth on the principles of professionalism, ethics and of corporate social responsibility and aiming at the continuous inclusion of companies in the association.

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