Sanja Miovcic

Executive director
Foreign Investors Council of BiH (FIC)

Bilateral Meetings

  • Tuesday 15:00 - 18:00
DescriptionForeign Investors Council (FIC) is a major non-profit business association, representing the interests of foreign and domestic businesses in BiH. The FIC was established in August 2006. FIC members come from different sectors: metal industry, mining, construction, legal and financial services, oil & energy, trade, banking, telecommunications, food and beverage production, and many others. The FIC provides its members with expert knowledge in a number of areas including labor market and employment, taxes and customs, corporate law, economics and macro analysis, rule of law, public – private partnership and concessions, export and trade policy, shadow economy, ICT industry, education. Other important areas of expertise include, education and training, related to issues concerning lower levels of government - municipalities and cities, such as the obtaining construction and utility permits, environmental permits, permits from the energy sector, energy efficiency, etc. Basic Facts: ➢ 70 major international and regional companies ➢ FIC members employ over 20.000 BiH citizens ➢ FIC members invested over EUR 4,5 billion in BiH
Organization Type Other,
Areas of Activities

ICT and telecommunications

    Industrial manufacturing and processing

      Winemaking, Agriculture and Food



            Vehicles and Transport

              Industrial and construction tools and machines

                Intellectual services (engineering, design, consulting)

                  Financial services and investments

                    Consumer goods


                        Real estate and infrastructure